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The Largest and Most Expensive Health Condition & the Leading Cause of Preventable Death


Bennufit™ Health, Inc. (“Bennufit™”)   operates a clinical analytics platform focused on solving the dueling health crises of chronic pain and opioid use disorder (OUD). By assessing behavioral, lifestyle, environmental, demographic, genetic, wearable, medical device, and laboratory data, Bennufit™ delivers understandable and actionable information to better understand, diagnose, and treat the world’s most prevalent and expensive health condition – unresolved pain. Always evaluating new data, the Bennufit™ platform helps improve outcomes and save lives through harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and data analytics.

Exploding Growth of Neurological Disease Cost the U.S. more than $1.5 trillion per year—8.8% of GDP


The Brain Technology & Innovation Park ("Brain Park") is an ecosystem designed to support the commercialization of innovative device, diagnostic, digital, and therapeutic technologies discovered from the leading neuroscience researchers in the world belonging to the Society of Brain Mapping & Therapeutics (SBMT) and Brain Mapping Foundation.  The Brain Park initiative involves: (1) educational programs such as webinars to support new venture creation; an Entrepreneur-in-Residence program; a network of academic centers, investors, entrepreneurs, and service providers; and the annual World Congress of the SBMT. 

Rapidly Aging Population Which Will Account for 25% of the US Population in 15 Years


BlueStar SeniorTech ("BSST") makes life better for senior veterans and their families by providing them with what they want: freedom, independence, dignity, and choice. BSST’s mission is to help American seniors age in the comfort of their homes:  safe, healthy, and connected. The company offers a combination of aging-at-home technologies and services to thousands of customers in all 50 states. BlueStar is veteran-owned, and it is certified by the Veterans Administration as a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB).  Backed by Driehaus Private Equity of Chicago.

Helping solve the student loan crisis by "rounding up" purchases to reduce debt by $22K & 13 years


Zero Student Debt Initiative ("Zero")  is a proprietary, SaaS fintech platform that leverages the data and transactions from everyday purchases to make incremental payments towards student loans. By “rounding up” every purchase into a payment, and engaging contributions from employers, affiliated organizations, family, and friends, Zero’s proprietary fintech platform helps borrowers get to “zero” student loan debt faster by saving the average user $22,000 and 13 years off the life of their loans. Zero helps employers attract and retain educated employees, and universities engage their graduates. With a simple sign-up that takes less than 3 minutes, users begin saving instantly.  

Providing improved outcomes at the intersection of behavioral healthcare & advanced data technology


IMCS Group ("IMCS") is the leader in biopsychosocial innovation for the workers’ compensation industry. IMCS has a proven transformative approach to injured workers based on evidence-based evaluation and treatment, its credentialed national network of over 1,000 psychologists and psychiatrists across all 50 states, and its technology platform that allows for tele-health and in-person interactions, outcomes analysis, and real-world evidence to expedite return-to-function and work. IMCS clients include many leading employers and workers compensation insurers, and the company is looking to expand into other payer categories.  Backed by CentriCap venture partners of Stamford, CT.

Providing at-home rehab & data analysis for stroke recovery - 5th leading cause of death in the US


Flint Rehabilitation Devices ("FlintRehab") is an innovator in the at-home rehabilitation medical device and data analytics market. With two FDA-cleared devices , FlintRehab is helping patients recover from stroke - the 5th leading cause of death in America, as well as other neuro-degenerative conditions. FlintRehab spun out of UC Irvine.  Its technology includes the Music Glove, a hand therapy device that is clinically proven to improve hand function in 2 weeks, FitMi, the first home neurorehab device designed for recovery from head to toe, and MiGo platforms.  Backed by over $8 million in NIH-grant funding.

Pipeline of Challenges to Solve

STEALTH - The Increasing Failure of the Flu Vaccine to Protect Vulnerable Populations from the Flu

Working with Leading Microbiomic Researchers to Address the Failure of Flu Vaccines and the Epidemic of Flu Deaths in the Most Vulnerable Populations by Using Big Data

STEALTH - Poor Quality Outcomes Data in Healthcare to Determine Value and Evaluate Performance

Building the World’s Largest and Highest Quality Clinical Outcomes Database and Biobank to Address the Lack of Quality Outcomes Data in Clinical Practice Due to the Unreliability of EMR and Claims Data

STEALTH - Ability to Predict Health Risks for Senior Citizens and Track Outcomes

Building a longevity intelligence platform to deliver remote patient monitoring and chronic care that prevents episodes involving medical care or hospitalizations instead of waiting for the "I've fallen and I can't get up" alert following a tragic event.