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We are innovation pioneers for whom improving our community is part of our life's story.   We share a passion and social mission to solve profound societal problems.  We believe that social entrepreneurship unlocks human potential and makes the world a better place. We found and/or fund for-profit businesses and non-profit organizations using innovative technology and then support their growth by investing as angel investors, helping place a strong team, providing infrastructure, and attracting partners. Profound Ventures, LLC is based in "Silicon Beach" in Newport Beach, California to zero-in on solving profound societal problems.



Our team brings a diverse and experienced skill set to each endeavor and has many accomplishments, including: Over 75 IPOs, Successfully built companies ranked in the Inc. 500 and Deloitte Technology Fast 500,  Led genetics policy making at the FDA, multi-year EY Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist, Raised over $1 billion in capital, Senior executive leadership of R&D for the nation's leading PBM and mail-order pharmacy, Chief Technology Officer at the Milken Institute, authors on over 50 peer-reviewed publications, and more.

What We Do

Zero-In on Root Causes

Zero-In on Sustainable Solutions

Zero-In on Sustainable Solutions


Search, identify, and understand what creates a profound societal problem by evaluating the data, speaking with the stakeholders, and understanding the “why”. 

Zero-In on Sustainable Solutions

Zero-In on Sustainable Solutions

Zero-In on Sustainable Solutions


 Invent a technology and business model that addresses root causes. Create a clearly defined revenue model to deliver value, or a new non-profit organization that can be supported through grants and donations. Establish “proof of concept” through research, studies, and/or initial customers. Recruit an initial team and partners. Find financial partner(s) to invest and help grow. 

Zero-Out the Suffering & Costs

Zero-In on Sustainable Solutions

Zero-Out the Suffering & Costs


Track and publish outcomes to substantially reduce and eliminate the burden, suffering and costs on people, families, communities, businesses, and governments due to profound societal problems.  Hold everyone accountable.

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