Pr0found Ventures


Our Mission

To solve profound societal problems by creating, seed funding, and growing new business ventures and non-profit organizations

Our Value

We are problem solvers, investors, business builders, innovators, researchers, activists, leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs.

  • We search, identify, and understand what creates a profound societal problem by evaluating the data, speaking with the stakeholders, and understanding the “why”.

  • We invent a technology and model that addresses root causes. Create a clearly defined revenue model to deliver value. Establish “proof of concept” through research and/or initial customers. Find partner(s) to co-invest.

  • We track and publish outcomes to substantially reduce and eliminate the burden, suffering and costs on people, families, communities, businesses, and governments due to profound societal problems. Hold everyone accountable.   

Our Approach

We reflect on our own lives and find the "stories" of a profound problem that is experienced by many and inspire us. 

We partner with passionate and thoughtful researchers and innovators in a field to determine the underlying, root causes of a problem. 

By understanding the causes, we can then effectively apply advances in technology to develop a sustainable solution to the challenge faced by society.